Q: How do I set up an appointment?

If you are an existing client, feel free to email me at anytime to set up an appointment. New clientele will be scheduled every June 1st and Dec 1st of each year. [Please be aware that this does NOT mean you would be scheduled FOR June 1st or Dec 1st. The date scheduled would be the next available which most likely would be a few months from the scheduling day.] On those days, please send an email to pookatattoo@gmail.com. Due to workload, not every project will be scheduled. Please give me 1-3 days for a response.

Q: What information should be included in my email?

If you would like to set an appointment, it is important that you send an email with the idea you have for the design as well as any reference material you may have that would further illustrate style, shading style or color palette. Please also include approximate size (in inches) of the desired piece, location on the body and if there are other tattoos I would need to work around. Lastly, if you are from out of town or have particular scheduling restrictions or limitations, please mention these as well.

Q: What if i want a cover up?

Very important that this is mentioned right away and that an image of the tattoo you would like covered, be included in the email. Most times, we would need to meet in person so that a tracing can be taken and further discussion can occur. I will not take on all cover ups, only those I have confidence in covering up.

I require a non-refundable deposit of $100 to set up any appointment. This deposit will go towards the price of the tattoo and is usually used on the final sitting of the piece. You will also be required to sign a deposit agreement form which will be sent to you over email and can also be signed and returned electronically. The deposit can be dropped off at the shop in cash or left via credit card over the phone. Deposits are to be sent in within 48 hours of appointment request. The shop opens at 1pm and the phone number is (305) 264-0888. Please be aware that the faster the deposit is sent, the faster the scheduling process can occur. Any communication or response via email from me does NOT guarantee you will have a spot, only the deposit can guarantee that.

Q: Is there a deposit needed?

I charge $200 an hour and work 11am-4pm everyday. Smaller one shot pieces can be priced out although there is noway to price out a sleeve since it varies wildly on the clients size and detailing of the design.

Q: What is your hourly Rate?

I usually send out sketches a day or two prior to the appointment date. If it is something straightforward, for example: an orange, no drawing will be sent. Sizing and any other small adjustments can be made the morning of.

Q: When can i see my drawing?

A 48 hour notice is required in order to keep your deposit. Clients who no call- no show, will lose their deposit and will have to leave another in order to reschedule. If some scheduling restrictions arise, please note that the deposit is good for one year. In some EMERGENCY situations, I can still honor the deposit even if the client cancels a day prior or even the morning of, but this is really up to my discretion and will be decided on a case to case basis.

Q: What if i have to cancel my appointment, unexpectedly or otherwise?

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