Wednesday, June 20, 2012

incredible portfolio update of the century

Finally decided to get off my lazy ass and upload some images I had on my digital camera. Most of you have seen these tattoos already from my instagram or otherwise, but I figured I would post clear images since the phone can be kind of wonky. Also: some of these are healed, which I will note.

Here are some rad tattoos I did while doing my guest spot at Thicker Than Water, NYC.
These pictures came out orange as hell, but thought I should post em anyway.

and on to the slew of stuff I should of uploaded a long time ago:

Healed ^

Healed ^


For those of you who DONT know, I am five months pregnant. September will be my last month tattooing before I go on my 'maternity leave' so anyone with unfinished pieces or who wish to get tattooed before then, please email me at or call the shop at (305) 383-7706


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Just background left on this one

And a new painting started..