Monday, December 13, 2010

Latest Tattoos

Brew Bear: So much fun and what a great idea for a tattoo. HAH!
Also finished up this long neck woman. We wants to continue on her arm doing a bunch of, as she calls them, "Cultural Women". Also a great idea.
Got to finish up those sick tatty mergirls-tons of fun and brian was a champ on the belly. Ive seen most people take it pretty poorly but he was a trooper.

Have you done your christmas shopping yet?! About two weeks to go and im crazy drawing and tattooing and my life is beautiful.
Will most likely throw up another post through my phone of pictures of sketches and shit.

Im currently working on a sketchbook as well. I thought it would be a much quicker process but alas, my critical self once again is holding me back from just producing, producing, producing.
I want it to be really great y'know?
I might call it "Girls, Girls, Girls.." 80's as fuucckk but I think an appropriate title.
Suck on that.

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