Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Will be tattooing this later in the month

Here's a half sleeve I started a while back. Hope to have a power house session one day :)

Started this one up and can't wait to continue working on it!!

Sunset Strip Tattoo, Greg James, Bill Brown

 Jerry's face is priceless!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Series and Old Friends

Heres a new series Im working on. Just really wanted to do a bunch of girl heads.. some more simple than others. Also really into the whole hood/bandanna thing as you can tell.

I am looking to tattoo these. As soon as I post them on my facebook, they will be available to tattoo. It is first come first serve however. Here they are, enjoy:

I will most likely continue to produce these for a bit longer, so please check back for new ones.
Also, a friend of mine is in california right now visiting Sunset Strip Tattoo, and here are some of the images he has sent me. Just thought they were really interesting

Here he is getting tattooed by Greg James.. If you dont know.. GOOGLE HIM.

Love it.. I only wish I could of gone out there with him.