Friday, May 14, 2010


Posted this on facebook this morning:

A new tattoo mag just did a step-by step on
how to build your own prison tatttoo machine...this is just
irresponsible...please send complaints to
repost this.



Which did nothing but lead to a snowball of controversy. Everything is going to be deleted- however, a co-worker of mine, Jerry, posted a very interesting and note worthy point:


"First Amendment, o.k. I'll give you that. Google search, o.k. I'll give you that as well. The problem here is that if you understand anything about ethics in this industry, you know that an article like this is just plain WRONG! Especially if you, as a magazine, are trying to get respect & notoriety in the tattoo industry! The passing of knowledge of the CRAFT of tattooing is , traditionally, done in specific manners. Mass education on creating a primitive & crude "vessel" of infectious pathogens may be protected under the First Amendment, but it most certainly DOES NOT make it right. Maybe now you"ll understand why most "reputable" tattoo artist & shops are upset."


If you feel as strongly as we do on the subject, then please email the address above with your complaints and concerns 


Here is a response I got from a friend of mine that should of been a comment here, but since its not-- I will post it up. Its just too good :)


Miss Abba: right on! few people are intelligent enough, or have enough sense of responsibility to realize that using a needle to permanently etch something into another human being's skin is a very serious procedure. the risks involved, both physiologically and psychologically, that come with being tattooed are potentially hazardous and lifelong. this is a craft that should only be performed by the most trained professionals in the field. that magazine should be fully reprehended for publishing such an irresponsible article. 

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