Saturday, May 1, 2010

And So Steve Tattoo's His Face on Ray Ray...

And so it goes...

I love my friends.
Oh and check this....

I did some album artwork of the Drive By Truckers going around an arm...

Could this be.... A TRUE ARM-BAND!??! In progress of course.. more later..

Oh heres the scanned version of the last alchemy girl I was painting:

Working on another one.. I am really enjoying painting these.. Hopefully I can tattoo some as well, heh :)

I will end this with some pictures of me tattooing a shiva chest piece.

Do you follow me on facebook? You should, because thats where all of these images are located. HAH.


  1. Hi Pooka,
    Steve told me about the self-portrait and I thought it was hilarious!
    Oh, and your artwork rocks!

  2. thanks! haha yea the whole ordeal was a trip