Saturday, April 3, 2010

This week..

Here are some fun ones from this week... Ahh Saturday.. the week is almost over and tomorrow is freedom and fun!
Yes thats a Fafi girl up there- No I do not claim to have drawn it myself. Don't know who Fafi is? Check her out here.
That little laser gun was super fun and done last night- I just wish I had a better picture! All of them came out slightly blurry and distorted. :\

These tattoo's were so fun to do because the people getting them done were open to ideas and really enjoyed brainstorming! They were relaxed and very laid back through the whole process. Remember kids- in the end- its just a tattoo. Have fun with it, make the memory and move on. Sitting and knit picking every minor line and detail isn't going to get you anything except Disatisfaction.

This can also be applied to LIFE. So HEY~ Remember what I'm fucking saying.