Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Tattoo Tour-- Japan

Was looking through Jacob Des' blog and found this: (Allow me to copy and paste)


Gomineko Books is running two tours of Japan this spring, tailored specifically for tattoo enthusiast. We’ve timed it so the cherry blossom will be in bloom and we’re plotting out 10 days of seeing the sights, meeting the legends, and thoroughly embracing the seedy underbelly of this amazing country and all you have to do is get here. No need to struggle with the language, or local currency, or deal with confusing maps and train systems…we’ll take care of all that.

Tokyo Tour - March 21, 2010 - March 31, 2010

The idea is to take a bunch of like minded, fun (please, please don’t sign on if you have no sense of humor) people to our favorite haunts and hangs. We will visit all the nearby temples and shrines, we’ve arranged a tebori seminar so you can witness traditional hand poke tattooing up close, and ask questions. We will go to the Horiyoshi III museum and Kyosai museum, experience a traditional Japanese hot spring…heaven! We’ll take you to see the Rockabilly kids dance in Yoyogi park, visit the downtown Blade Runner-esque areas, and go see the Harajuku goth and lolita kids and if you’re lucky, and behave yourselves, we’ll go out to some of Japan insane underground clubs and see all the debauchery there…we actually may have to get you to sign a waiver for that evening. We will also arrange tattoo appointments for you, just let us know what you want and by who and we’ll do our best to get you sorted out.

We’ve arranged budget accommodations right in the heart of the city - rife with neon and always buzzing this area is overflowing with cafes, great restaurants, bars, clubs and fantastic shopping.

The tour will run 3/21 - 3/31 and you will need to book a flight into Narita Airport on the 21st of March, which means you will most likely fly out on the 20th of March. Price information at the bottom of this message.

-- The only thing that is weird sounding about this is they don't mention who exactly they're going to meet and what shops they visit. but Gomineko is a really big and reputable distributor of tattoo art books in Japan so im sure it will be cool. there's more info here.

The trip costs $2700 with a $300 deposit and doesn't include food or airfare so if you rich as hell you should totally finance this trip for me.


Fuck. One day

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