Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Started this last night

Sorry if the lighting is terrible, but it just seems like whenever I take a picture at the shop at night- I always get this yellow darkness to everything...
Anyway, Started this mermaid sleeve yesterday. Its going to be all black and gray and the guy wants to throw in a shark coming around the other side! Nice! It was pretty fun to draw and to tattoo, cant wait to get started on the shading..

The picture is also in a weird angle so her head looks a lot bigger than the bottom of her.. I will post better updated pictures as i continue on it...

one day.. I want a mermaid tattooed on me.. one day..
OH! Getting tattooed by steve whittenberger pretty soon.. Was thinking a fortune teller with a crystal ball? You know i like to keep it creepy...
If you dont know about him, check out his stuff here.

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