Sunday, February 28, 2010

quickly now

 More line work... just thought i'd update quickly. I am now on my way to go see the cro-mags. Yes.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fun Times

A friend came by and asked for a little ol' submarine. So much fun to do and I really enjoy how it fits in the spot.

cat ladies


This week its all about the cats..
The sketch to the right is an alien landscape with alien cat creatures in the foreground.. its the beginning of a half sleeve..
Im very excited to do these tattoos this week. I will post pictures of the lines...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Started this last night

Sorry if the lighting is terrible, but it just seems like whenever I take a picture at the shop at night- I always get this yellow darkness to everything...
Anyway, Started this mermaid sleeve yesterday. Its going to be all black and gray and the guy wants to throw in a shark coming around the other side! Nice! It was pretty fun to draw and to tattoo, cant wait to get started on the shading..

The picture is also in a weird angle so her head looks a lot bigger than the bottom of her.. I will post better updated pictures as i continue on it...

one day.. I want a mermaid tattooed on me.. one day..
OH! Getting tattooed by steve whittenberger pretty soon.. Was thinking a fortune teller with a crystal ball? You know i like to keep it creepy...
If you dont know about him, check out his stuff here.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Girls

Finished this one up last night. I feel like the colors in this are very Miami.

Thought I would post this too because even though I did it quite a while ago- I feel like it got overlooked. I didnt realize until today that I didnt even have this on my facebook with my other pieces. Ahhh, Social Networking sites.
What total shit.
I also wanna give it up to my girls who stopped by last night. The first tropical female is on my friend Brigitte who also received this little nugget before heading out for the night. Hung out with G as well- that girl is funny!
Tattooing and sharing stories about how scandalous females are. Gives us all a bad name.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Finally finished something!

Look! Today I finally finished something! I think I might want to take another picture of it healed because as you can tell- there are parts that are healed and parts that arent, and well, that just looks weird.
Heres also another tattoo that I had finished up a while ago but just took a picture of yesterday. Kinda fucked, right? I had so much fun doing it though, it was a real pleasure. PS: The mickey piss was a last minute addition, haha.

Monday, February 8, 2010

New Chest Piece in Progress

Just finished up these little guys tonight... well not really finished. Whats up with all these outline only tattoos lately? Things will change though. I have an appt tomorrow morning to finish up a pretty cool lighthouse leg piece im working on. Hopefully I can finish it all tomorrow. We'll see.
OH! And PS:
Those little critters are Alex Pardee's drawings. Check him out.

Oh! And PPS: Heres a pic of Georgie and myself rocking our fucking cool bad brains tattoos. Oh Georgie, how I love thee.

Goodnight all. Now its time for food and beer.

I made the decision.

Ok so I finally decided to start a tattoo blog simply because constantly updated myspace and facebook is just fucking annoying. Plus- facebook is the site thats most updated but its under my real name and most people dont know it... Hence- a tattoo blog. Somewhere where I can post pictures of my tattoos and ramble on about them with no one to tell me otherwise. Enjoy. You are now as updated as anyone on my life, congrats.

Here are some of the last "in progress" tattoos I'm working on. Gotta start finishing some shit!

This week the female will most likely be finished. Will update with a pic of that for sure. Super stoked on finishing all of these